I had a bizarre idea about a game where you play a race of people that are made of data and have developed in a computer by chance and are evolving. Basically the internet gets invented and now all of a sudden they can connect to other computers. So a new map or location might be c:/Games and you type that into a terminal to travel there maybe.

I don't know if I will ever do anything with this but what do you think?
Sounds like an interesting concept, it all depends on where you go with it from there, because as it stands there are many things you can do with that idea.
Are you alright Kyle_ZX? I noticed you recently became full of ideas 0.o

As for idea, it depends on everything, what we can do at C:\Games, etc..
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Yea that's where the story runs cold haha. I'll put this one in a big book of "things I'll get round to".
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No way intended to say you took ideas based off of these but while reading I was reminded of the old cartoon "Reboot" and then .Hack. Ah well.

Interesting though.