It's quick to write, maybe not so quick to answer. I was wondering what you all think is best, player characters that become any class they wish simply based on what items they're using (Cloak, Staff etc for Mage) or pre-selected player classes and class gear?
Personally, I loved FFIII(VI) because you could not choose your class. It adds a sense of uniformity to the game. Decisions are final. I don't really like being able to change class every 2 minutes because there is a lot more for me to keep track of. (That, and that I would often forget who I changed the class of, and I'd be all, "Where'd my white mage go? Oh yeah, I made her a black mage. But I already have a black mage. I forgot to change him over to white mage! Oh noes!")
This sort of takes after Runescape's version of this, where there are no set classes. I find that this style of character building is very confusing. Not only are you not differentiating roles or anything, you're also mashing up all of the mechanics you would normally have separated if you did individual classes. This means that new players feel overwhelmed and often quit before it gets any good. The only real upside to this is "Multi Classing" where you can train to use something like Swords and Magic together. Other than that, it's arduous, unclear, and linear.

When I say linear, you may be asking yourself why. Sure there are so many character building options to choose from, how can it be linear? Well when power players start messing around with combinations in your game, someone is bound to find the "Perfect Build" as in all games. Once players find that this build is excellent for solo and group play, it's the only thing many players will use, especially new players who want to be "Just as good" as the "Pro" players.

This is all my opinion however, I find classes very easy to manage. Everyone knows their role, what they can and can't do, what roles they need to complete the group, ect.