by Magicbeast20
Escape before the Crypt kills you!
Crypthead now features medals and unlockable characters. Players can now earn the medal "Headhunter", which will unlock a new monster character. The new monster character features its own kill animations. You can change your character in the new menu selection on the Options page, while a showcase menu displays all the medals you've earned in-game.

I've also improved a lot of back-end processes and enhanced the lobby menu's to add a bit more professionalism. I've listed a complete list of the changes below.

Also, I've created a basic website for Crypthead. In the future I'll purchase a domain, but for now here it is:

- REMOVED Player HUD is no longer viewable when playing as monster
+ FIXED Lobby updating issues
+ FIXED Lobby adjustment issues
+ FIXED No player was being selected to be monster
+ FIXED Endgame not reporting all dead players
+ CHANGED Use/Drop buttoms now overlap item
+ CHANGED Medkit icon changed
+ CHANGED New character selection window
+ CHANGED Simplified Options menu
+ ADDED Sleeping bag death animation
+ ADDED Male Counselor 02
+ ADDED Female Counselor 01 death animation
+ ADDED Female Counselor 01 grabbed animation
+ ADDED Beartraps(Search drawers/cabinets to obtain)
- Both players/monster can become stuck in a beartrap
+ ADDED Object spawners for Special Items (Batteries and Gascans(propellers too))
- Now special items will appear in different locations
+ ADDED New unlockable monster
- Has its own kill animations
+ ADDED Sound effect volume control
- Buttons/interacting with objects will be affected
+ ADDED Custom input windows
- Now 100% completely free of basic BYOND windows
- Player chat updated
+ ADDED Medals*still needs multiplayer testing
- Players can now earn the Medal "Headhunter" by killing 5 or more counselor's.
+ ADDED Showcase for Medals(View in Options menu)
- Opening the showcase menu will also update the players earned medals for rewards
+ ADDED Players can now add Propeller and Fuel to Boat
+ ADDED Escape by Boat(2 players)