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There's been an odd problem on one of the games I play here. Somehow, two separate players with different computers and IP addresses have gotten exactly the same CID in the game. This means the anti-alt interaction stuff in the game keeps them from being too close to each other or they both get auto booted. Is there a way to regenerate BYOND CID to fix this problem? I'm pretty sure this is a fluke thing and a new CID would fix the problem.
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CID is based off of hardware specs. This isn't the first time that people have had this issue. Swapping out a piece of hardware for something else might be enough to register as a new CID, but as far as that goes it's not a simple fix and I'm not sure if it'll revert back to the same value if you swap the hardware back to its previous arrangement. Pure speculation. Dunno if that'd help.
There's shared CIDs on all Walmart-purchased machines for example, because they format everything in a particular way that makes the machines all look alike.