by F0lak
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Hello, all Hazlings!! My name is Karoth and you may be familiar with me if as part of the Discord community. Recently I took the role of Community Manager, I am a big fan of Hazordhu and its development which I've been following closely.

From here on out I will be curating all the new content and ..little tid-bits and goodies I observe during this active development!

We are starting to see more additions to the Foliage of Hazordhu, adding in two new types.. a variety of Cat-Tails and a Tall-grass which is harvestable for bundles of thatch! (great for roofs!) this came with some cool animations and new sound effects.

Lately its been looking like some changes to the UI have been happening behind the scenes with appearances of the changes peeking out here and there. This is looking to be a result of the now more weighted equipment system where weight is now affecting speed.

There has also been some talk about how the story will playout and what this means for overall-gameplay. With this we have seen the loss of the tutorial-starting area and now a more 'thrown in to the pool' style start.

Here is to hearing again from me soon and I hope to interact with all of you from the community at.. Discord and remember to follow us on.. Twitter and if you haven't already do not forget to add us to your wish list on Steam!

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The grass and UI are looking sharp as hell!