by PaperClip Productions
Fight alone or with your friends against a never ending army of infected. Can you survive?
I've made some decent progress towards updating and improving a lot of behind-the-scenes systems used in the game. A lot of the older features have been replaced using BYOND's new tools.

For starters I've added some basic lighting as well as muzzle flash effects, and general effects when interacting with the HUD, while also improving the text outputs to look a lot more smooth and cleaner. Zombies have been given an "eye glow" effect. I've also managed to create a basic movement animation for the original player character. It still needs tweaked and polished, so I'm holding off on updating all the other player icons until I get this one perfected.

Player movement has been updated, and is now a lot less glitchy and clunky. I'm happy with how smooth everything looks now.

Subscription systems have also been added, and benefits should be universal across Quarantine and Crypthead both. Future games created by myself will use the same subscription system; so all games will be included in a packaged deal. I need to continue actually adding in subscription features into Quarantine, but that's a lower priority at the moment.

I've added several new key features within the game. Players can now melee zombies by pressing K. This helps especially for the boss Webbsaw, as upon death he releases small leech's that attack players. While you can shoot the leech's; pressing K will speed up the killing process and cause less damage towards the player. "Zombie Bats" have also been added, and appear after Round 10. While they're generally easy to kill, Bats have the ability to temporarily blind players.

The AI system in general has been slightly improved and I've managed to cut CPU usage by two thirds, however; Zombies still manage to get stuck behind walls. So that's something I'll have to spend some more time on, but overall the AI's are slightly more intelligent in regards to pathfinding, and overall less strenuous on the processing-side.

Map Objectives have also been added! As the rounds progress there are objectives that players can complete in order to unlock new areas and helpful tools all players can access. Some maps, such as Police Dept, feature several objectives. Complete the first objective to gain access to the next objective, and so on.

There's still some back-end improvements that need to be made, and I need to finish up icon animations and do more multiplayer testing. But overall, I'm quite happy with the progress I've made on Quarantine.

Here's a full list of all the changes within version 4.1;

- FN P90 price to $2000
- Max Ammo for all ammo has been increased
- Less interfaces and more HUD's
- Fire rate and reload speed adjusted
- only cetme l and m18 nighthawk done
- Delay for repairing barricades, players must be within 3 tiles
*Click to repair
- Gun firing animations
- Added muzzle flash
- Movement system upgraded
- AI slightly improved
- Still not optimal(AI gets stuck still)

- Able to open bars regardless of power
- All guns are now stronger
- Rounds not detecting if a player logs out mid-game
- Screen shaking bug
- Claymore HUD re-adjusted/Claymore bugs resolved

- Popup Hud for inventory items
- New Enemy 'Webbsaw'
- Webbsaw spawns on Round 8, and is very lethal
*upon death; releases Leech's!
- New Enemy "Zombat"
- Zombats spawn on Round 10, and have ability to blind players
- Regular Zombies have glowing eye effect
- Basic Lighting
- Audio for gun firing(guns have different audio sounds)
- Basic Player animations
- Melee, Press "K" to Melee Zombie within range
- Who, Press the Players Display HUD at the top right of the screen to view players along with their health
- Objectives
- Each map has different objectives to complete!
- Some maps have incremental objectives(complete one to recieve the next)
- Help HUD button for in-game
- Subscription system added, subscribing will give access to full benefits on both Quarantine and Crypthead!
- Interactive HUD buttons now have MouseEntered/MouseExited effects

- Opacity from walls