by F0lak
Explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders
Another week behind us, and another update for everyone! :)

Huge thanks to the community for helping to squash these bugs! I want to keep these updates coming weekly, so be sure to submit anything that you find over on the forums! While you're there, share some tales of your adventures!


  • Added keyboard Combat Control
  • Refined Archery: Increased range of bows and crossbows, added a more intuitive ui for archery
  • Bows and Crossbows no longer automatically release after a period of time.
  • Archery now uses Adrenaline. When Adrenaline reaches 0, they become very difficult to aim

Bug Fixes

  • Mounts now load their harness overlays in properly
  • Storage Containers (Chests and Carts) now properly save their contents
  • Counters no longer delete each other
  • Bookshelves and Chests now keep their pixel offsets when they load
  • All windows now highlight properly when moused over
  • Tweaks to animal's combat stats (This should make them slightly easier to fight, especially with better equipment)

Happy Roleplaying!