Greetings! Spent a bucket of time on trying to open my ports and host a damn server but that just won't work. I do not understand what would be the issue, I did everything for port to be open and even asked my isp about what problems could be there but they could not answer that. I am incredibly confused and frustrated about this. I earlier was hosting through my hand-forwarded port and then after it through utorrent-opened port. Now nothing works, literally. Help, please!
What do you mean by "Could not get it to work"? Is the hub reporting the server not reachable, or is something else amiss?
What OS are you using?
I'm going to assume you're using Dream Daemon to host and using the proper port.
Have you tried hosting different games? Some games may have built-in DRM to prevent unauthorized users from hosting their worlds so it's a good idea to try different games to rule that out.
Any more information that you can think to provide, such as if you're using a VPN or a VM could be useful as well.
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That's right! Byond hub not reachable~
I am on windows10 and hosting a NSV13(Trying to).
What confuses me is that the port does not seem to be open at all? Even though I did everything needed.
Windows 10 is clean meaning there are no other OS installed by or on it, my ISP is Beeline (Russian company thing) and my Byond version I am using here is 513.1536.
EDIT: Not using VPN as well and my ip is grey, although hosting earlier (More than 3 months ago) worked.
What about your firewall and AV software? Have you taken a look at them?

Any changes to your network in the last 3 months?
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Standard Win10 firewall. It is off but even with that I set additional rules in it for incoming and outgoing connections as well as put dream daemon into exceptions list. AV is Windows Defender and I turn it off when trying to host but it doesn't seem to help either.
I am using the same provider and it doesn't seem like they changed anything within my rate. There are not much new devices connected to net too, my IP i have is reserved and I just set a static one over my pc.
Have you tried hosting any other games or SS13 servers? Have you tried with other ports?
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Yes, I hosted different builds. Not other games though.
My port could be still closed too, I am not sure if it is or not. I did everything needed for it to be open but yet..
The things I tried hosting: NSV13, Skyrat13, IS12
Alright. I'm not very familiar with a lot of the SS13 community. Have you gone through the Steps to Host an SS13 Server?
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Yup, I was successfully hosting a server earlier. I am not sure what have changed now unfortunately. If I knew, the problem would be already solved, right?
Would taking this to instant-chatting app allow easier communication?
Sure thing, you can add me on Discord. F0lak#0001
Oh lad, I thought I had no choice. Noticed sooo late.. Can I get it again? The disc name-
In response to Altairist an invitation one discord channel ss13s is.. one you have to be specially invited to and can be done through the #byond-chat channel once you hop in(maybe).