by F0lak
Explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders

Another week behind us, and another update for everyone! :)

Huge thanks to the community for helping to squash these bugs! I want to keep these updates coming weekly, so be sure to submit anything that you find over on the forums! While you're there, share some tales of your adventures!


  • Added Bees and Beehives! Bee Careful, they sting!
  • Added Apiaries, which produce honeycombs over time
  • Added Mead (made from honeycomb)
  • Added Hunny! Oh Bother!
  • Added some nice-smelling flowers to feed the bees


  • Removed an old method of dying clothing
  • Killing no longer sends a message to the chat window
  • Brewing Recipes now state that the barrel needs to be filled with water

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Happy Roleplaying!