by F0lak
Explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders
This afternoon [ Central / UTC 3PM ] Hazordhu will be having a invite your friends world event. In trying to get more people inspired and connected together with other Hazlings.

The Mudhaven server will be hustling and bustling with story and ideas all around. Make a friend, make an enemy.. build a home, construct a castle.. Write your story!

Become a humble forester or take up the hot forges of a smith. Whatever your story is.. come write it today in the world with others!

This event will be open to the PUBLIC, so invite all of your friends, companions and enemies!!

*Mudhaven will now have Trial Access which can be accessed through the BYOND page. Playing the game under Trial Access will limit access to certain features but will still allow for hours of fun roleplay and exploration!

Happy Roleplaying!

* Please be mindful of other players experiences, no griefing.