A warm greeting to you, dear reader! I've been getting weather whiplash these past few weeks, with a freezing blizzard one day then a scorching sun raising the temperature to 70 F a couple days later. This last weekend was particularly nice, and I'm quite happy that winter seems to be firmly behind us now. It's been a bit of a slow week for BYOND projects, and there are some I'd prefer to cover in the next edition, but the others who were active have certainly been making moves! Without further adieu, let me show them to you!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been raking in user-submitted SendMaps data, which he recently added profiling for, and making changes to optimize map-sending code and eliminate inefficiencies. In particular, Eternia was able to reduce its map_cpu time by half in response to the new metrics, which is awesome to see! Some further investigations were made, and some improvements to turfmap sending were completed, which was elaborated on over on Patreon. Moving onward, Lummox JR plans to tackle the most-requested particles feature, the ability to create particles independent of parent objects. More recently, Lummox JR ran into some health issues which has delayed the previously planned release. Once released, Lummox certainly has the next bit of work cut out for him, as he's currently in the extended planning stages for 515. Additional feature requests are certainly appreciated, but it should be noted that Lummox still has a monster of a project on his plate: Renderer updates!

BYOND Games You may recall Psiforged bringing Within BYOND Edition 143's coverage of particle effects to an explosive finish. Since then, Ginseng has taken steps to make Psiforged greater and more visually impressive - and a bit more performant while he was at it! Players can now gather herbs found in the environment (yes, ginseng is included,) customize their psi-empowered character from an array of body modifications, and train each individual part of your body in your quest to achieve divinity! Psi-powered beams are now far more optimized, being a single transformed object instead of a bunch of individually manipulated energy balls, and a wide array of bugfixes have been implemented. Psi-chotic job from Ginseng! Magicbeast20 ushers in light in Quarantine! With a new lighting effect in play, users can truly experience the ambience that Quarantine's post-apocalyptic environment demands you enjoy. Rain and other weather effects have been added, the max player count has increased to 10, and players no longer carry their own lights with them as they explore. There are plans to add flares that players can throw to scout an area before they dive in head-first, but the latest updates are looking great besides! Grab some friends and jump into some zombie-killing action! Bravo1's Dark Star is becoming a little less dark with the introduction of flame weapons! Light the dark corridors of the Idaho with the torched corpses of your enemies! Or, prepare yourself to fight against drones, perhaps having to resort to a newly improved plasma caster, which now makes use of particles! Drones are a unique enemy commandeered by TANGENT, a paramilitary group that's found its way aboard the Idaho and wants to turn you and your party to mush. Other fixes were made, mainly to core performance, so you and your buddies can explore the Idaho with crisper, and more responsive, movement! What's that mass of pixels and first-person demon-killing action, you ask? Why, that's DOOM, being played inside of SS13, silly! Of course that's possible, dummy! This monstrosity, crafted by Asd and Affected, isn't quite visually appealing, but it sure as hell works! If you want to know how Asd and Affected did it, check out the brief explanation in Asd's comment under the Reddit post. While not necessarily crafted through Dream Maker, I still found it worthwhile to post here because I was seriously WTFing when I saw it unveiled. When asked "Why?" Asd and Affected responded with: "We were bored." These two should be bored more often!

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  • F0lak explains how his Hazordhu particles came to be in a snippet post, and how yours can too!
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So awesome to see Magicbeast getting some love!! Dude works his ass off. I think hes got 3? Games actively in development right now??
Spevacus, thank you for keeping blogging us about these magnificent projects!
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No problem! Thanks for reading! :)
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It was honestly very tough to pick just one to cover. I couldn't imagine being able to switch between projects like that, it's really impressive.
Just a heads-up the release is delayed again. My plan was to get it out early this week, but Monday was a bust and Tuesday and today were in a lot of ways worse.
i can't imagine that doom rendered in floor tiles has very good maptick
Surprisingly it could easily handle doubling the resolution, the limiting factor is encoding the video into DMX packets