by PaperClip Productions
Fight alone or with your friends against a never ending army of infected. Can you survive?
Life does as life does best, and keeps us all quite busy. However, I'm back after taking a couple weeks off to deal with some other hurdles life has thrown at me. I've released v4.4 for play on the Dedicated Server.

The main HUD has seen a slight upgrade, as well as a new shop menu replacing the old clunky interface window. Players now can no longer rejoin the game after exiting mid-round, and now must spectate until the round is finished.

Weapon firing is now more accurate with accuracy probability removed, and zombie health has been increased to accommodate. Some weapons have also been tweaked, mostly with slower reload times on better weapons. A new shotgun has also been added.

Hopefully I'll be able to release a better update within the next couple of weeks.

- Minor HUD image updates
- Firing is more accurate
- Zombie health increased
- Weapon stats tweaked
- If a player logs out mid-round; they can no longer rejoin the round. Will now automatically spectate.
- Server not announcing when a player leaves the game
- New background music
- New Sound effects
- Click mobs to shoot
- Spectating
- New Shop Menu
*Changed from old basic interface to cleaner HUD controls
- New Guns