Hello, readers! A late edition of Within BYOND this time due to various life-related fun... Including the part where it's blazing hot where I'm at, and it's similarly hot all across the United States. The forecast says rain's coming through this week, but it's been saying that for a few days now, so I'm just hoping my air conditioning doesn't give out in the meantime. With record high temperatures sweeping the nation, I hope you all have been staying cool and making awesome stuff! Speaking of awesome stuff... What have y'all got for me this month? Let's find out!


After a truck decided to take out some utility poles near his house, BYOND Developer Lummox JR managed to kick out a much-anticipated release. On Patreon, Lummox mentions one of the items on the dustier to-do lists is to implement libcurl, but that comes with a myriad of quirks, intricacies, and problems. Gliding problems re-emerged, as well as a crash, but both have calmed down and we can hopefully look forward to particles detached from their parent atom, which should open up quite a few options for flashy effects like smoke coming off of missiles or what have you. One problem: Like all nice things, it's not going to easy. If you want to know why, Lummox made a pretty long Patreon post to explain, which is quite detailed and elaborates on one of his previously promising attempts.

BYOND Games Hazordhu made some moves at the end of last month, opening up Trial access to anyone. Trial servers let anyone play the game for the moment, so feel free to give Haz a try if you've been holding off 'til now! The UI got some lovely changes, becoming much more responsive and smooth. Beehives will now spawn within spring and summer, despawning when the seasons change. You can now customize your hair to your heart's content, and a boatload of bugfixes were implemented. Thanks-much, F0lak! Bravo1's Dark Star is getting darker again with the introduction of... Whatever unnamed monstrousity is to your right. It aims to kill you and absorb you into the concoction of flesh and bodies that makes up its current form... So, kill it first! In addition to horrible monsters, Dark Star now has its own title screen! Some high-rate of fire weapons, like the SMG, now have recoil, and a big ol' boomstick was added. The shotgun packs a mighty punch, but its rate of fire is a bit limited. Whatever your weapon of choice is, beware the horrible halls of the Idaho! Chance has been busy taking care of Eternia: Chronicles of Esshar! According to the latest patch notes, your face icons will now appear when you speak (the size of which can be adjusted). Chat zoom is now controllable, and an array of gamepad customizations have made their debut. Two new quests, one daily and one weekly, are now available, and a 52 card poker deck is now in the game store, with themes for every nation. Food now spawns all across the world, so bring out the Chef Ramsay that's lurking within you and devise some masterpieces!

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  • Do you like serializing to JSON? Alexkar598 has your back with Cereal-ize! The documentation and usage guidance is available on Github.
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