"Y'all make me feel like a villain for havin' opinions
I see it different
I think it's funny that y'all get offended
I'm pushin' your buttons on purpose, no sympathy given
Race and religion, making fun of politicians
Y'all are too easy, I get a rush from it
Gets my blood pumpin' like a punch stomach
Y'all are upchucking
I'm a piece of shit, I'm a real dick
I'm only controversial 'cause I need the clicks
I'm an asshole, I'm a snowflake
I'm an edgy rapper, I'm a real bitch
Look, y'all won't get it without a diagram
Let me say this with my diaphragm
And I hate to steal a quote from Eminem
But I am whatever you say I am"

"Bad guy, asshole, people call me lots o' names
Damn, I laugh so hard because they're all the same
Pack my ammo, trigger happy, feelin' great
Can't lie, mans won't ever change
God sent me to piss the world off
And you're mad, just admit it, you're mad
Crucify me because the world's soft
And it's sad, this is all that you have"

"And if they kill me they should pray they never meet my holy ghost"
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