We don't trust the news, the government, or pharma
We just want freedom, do you have that to offer?
We don't want the lies, the politics, or the drama
We just want the life that was promised by our fathers

The man on the news says the problem is me
I'm just a small-town boy with big American dreams
The world's going crazy and they lyin' to us
Don't know who to believe, so in God we trust

You won't know how to be brave 'til you choose to fight when you're afraid
And you can't experience strength 'til you struggle to carry the weight
And you won't know why you have faith 'til you look the Devil in his face
And you don't know what you can take 'til you realize you didn't break

Don't give up, I know you're strong, show them all your fire
The days are hard, the nights are long
But you are a fighter, when it's dire, you burn brighter in the dark
You're a survivor when you're tired, you hold tighter, you have heart

Nothings what it seems.
Dedicated to all liberals and republicans.

I was born a boy and made a man
Never been the type of guy to take commands
I was never popular or great in class
And when they box me in, I break the glass
Even when they bullied me, I'd shake they hands
Smile for the camera and fake a laugh
Every time I let 'em win, I take it back
I hate the fact, I remember and I can't relax
I never gave up and I stayed on my path through the stars
Stayed up all night on my raft with the sharks
Dug my own grave and got used to the pain
The longer I laid in the dark
Could fight the devil now, I'm made of metal now
I know myself, on a different level now
I'll never settle down, I push the pedal down
I'm ready to wrestle, wait for the bell to sound
I'm takin' the teeth of my demons and carvin' my name in the trees
I'm burnin' the bridges I already crossed
So I know exactly where I've been
I carry a bucket and catch every drop of the blood
That these monsters are makin' me bleed
I'll never give up and I'll never give in
I'll fight for as long as I breathe
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