Poke Wisteria Online RP

by Inutaishos
Wisteria is a Roleplay Driven Online game that happens 30 years before Red's adventure, be part of the creation of the Pokemon League and change the story and the world as we know! Check alot of creative mechanics and follow the game development

Hey! as some of you know I been sick this month and had a family travel, ended up reducing the updates flow. But finally finished a new patch!
Our focus here is to remove the progression focus a little out of the gym meta; after 2.0's bug was spotted, there is no reason to making progression strict to gym battles the way they are now, but before trying to understand fully this update make sure to read the latest #devlog topic, wich explains how the progression mechanics of the game works toward catching up and everything;
also been focusing at some more common pokémons, surprisingly the amount of these in a single gen is pretty low, so we might see alot of commons as OOR! well, with that said, changelog!:

(Previous changes made during 2.5 open test)
⊖Nerfed significantly the money obtained from black market;
⊖Fixed a critical bug with hatching eggs;
⊖Fixed a critical bug with spawning wild controled pokémon;
⊖Fixed a small problem with legend database;
⊖Fixed a bug that didn't let assistent get starterballs;
⊖Fixed finally the problem where some jobs was giving 0 money;
⊖Fixed a problem where no one could upload capsules;
⊖Fixed (attempt) a problem where sometimes people wasn't receiving money from official battles;
⊖Small QoL on using Custom Boosts, using the knowledge button will deactivate temporary attacks;
⊖Reduced slightly the amount of money from professors uploading info at school;
⊖Fixed a problem where criminality was affecting deathrisk of starter pokemons;
⊖Fixed a critical problem with extraPL;
⊖Fixed a bug in Legend Databases without Reqs not being called;
⊖Finally fixed a bug where sometimes returning group of pokémon could bug one(shivania's detailed report this time was pretty usefull, so thx);
⊖Fixed a bug with Safezones not updating when you follow someone out (thanks Viktor for showing the cause too);
⊖Fixed a problem with temp bans leasting longer then they should;
⊖Safari now have a side door for Safari Wardens;
⊖Ship exiting will take the player to the check-door location, leting them decide if they will leave or get back in;
⊖Reduced black market price of Healing Powder and Energy Powder;
⊖Hopefully fixed the "Item" bug;
⊖Fixed a problem with Raise Salary;
⊖Wild pokémon "calm down" rate now vary with its level;
⊖Fixed another problem with Trainer PL;
⊖Admins now have a RP log, to check;
⊖An attempt to fix the problem where big icons could cross the opacity walls;

(2.6 exclusive:)
⊖Buffed exp gained at Player battles outside of gyms;
⊖Nerfed exp gained from watching gym battles (instead of gaining the same exp of the winner, you gain slightly less exp then the loser, this is to promote people to also consider participating in the battles and not just watching them);
⊖Added Fuschia Gym;
⊖Removed passive gains of RPP for simply being online (this made sense for Azusa where we could spend points, but here rpp is a measure, doesnt make sense for someone who never rp, to have any rpp if we use it to measure things... Thx for admins for reporting this);
⊖Invisible admins says wasnt appearing to players;
⊖Check Habitat now displays the habitat route;
⊖Phone calls now triggers an alert in your game's screen;
⊖Blood Spills only happen on injured pokémon if they have low health;
⊖Fixed a bug where evolution stones didn't disappear if you failed to roll a succesfull evolution, letting people simply spam using for guaranteed evolution;
⊖Production order in factory have a new req. now to add ultraball, for example, you need to have greatball in the production cycle, even if you have the ultraball recipe;
⊖Admin action will display their key, instead of common knowledge, since most admins now play on the same char;
⊖Krabby walks sideways;
⊖Fixed a bug where you couldnt double click and start a battle mode against a trainer if you were controling a pokémon;
⊖Added Focus Training knowledge, that allows you to train specific stats of a pokémon (read the #devlog topic about it to understand deeply how its balanced);
⊖Focus Training can be used anywhere, to prevent people from being only on specific places like gyms etc without being able to progress;
⊖Focus Training is a chained knowledge, being able to learn specific stats and teach them to other players (atk,def,spatk,spdef and spd);
⊖To self-learn Focus Training its required to be a Newbie Trainer, however it can be taught to anyone;
⊖To reduce the need of repetitive spams of same texts, removed the need of having active score to use workout and focus training, but it doesnt work if you are afk;
⊖Focus Training is learnable through studying if you have the reqs;
⊖Added new move Ingrain;
⊖Added new move Grass Whistle;
⊖Added new move Shadow Bone;
⊖Added new Pokémon Torkoal;
⊖Added new Pokémon Slugma;
⊖Added new Pokémon Magcargo;
⊖Added new Pokémon Poochyena;
⊖Added new Pokémon Mightyena;
⊖Added new Pokémon Bidoof;
⊖Added new Pokémon Bibarel;
⊖Added new Pokémon Taillow;
⊖Added new Pokémon Swellow;
⊖Added new Pokémon Sunkern;
⊖Added new Pokémon Sunflora;
⊖Added new Pokémon Alolan Marowak;
⊖Added new Pokémon Galarian Ponyta;
⊖Added new Pokémon Galarian Rapidash;

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