Okay so I have an account, I'm logged in on both the engine and webpage.

When ever I try and join a SS13 server the little loading circle appears on my cursor but nothing ever happens, no changes appear on the actual engine it just sits there in what I assume is a directory mode before an actual program is run.

I have tried joining both from the BYOND website as well as the server websites and neither work. please give any advice you have.
Check your task manager (the Details tab) for dreamseeker.exe processes when you join a server. Does Dream Seeker appear and go away? Does it appear and stay there? Does it not appear at all?

I would try reinstalling BYOND as well.
In response to Lummox JR
I just reinstalled it and all seems to be working now. The main problem before was that dream seeker would not run and i had to manually open it and use that to connect to anything.