It's been an eventful week to say the least.

On Wednesday I released 514 into the stable channel, yet almost immediately some nasty issues that escaped testing reared their heads. The new animation fix broke a lot of other stuff under the hood because of how much code got ripped out. Some of that's down to just plain missing stuff, but the more insidious issues took time and much more complex cases to shake out. Hence why there've been two new releases since then.

Currently I'm wrestling with what appears to be the last of the animation bugs—although I'm only guessing it's animation-related based on all the available data—which is unfortunately a heap corruption issue and hard to pin down, as it's also extremely intermittent. It seems to show up most in SS13 but unlike the person who pointed it out I only get it to happen occasionally, and then only in release mode.

I'm actually thinking honestly of pulling 514 back out of the stable channel for now because of this. I know it was running past when I wanted to release, but the sheer scope of the issues with the animation overhaul turned out to be pretty big. So I'm thinking when I get 514.1565 out, hopefully very soon, it'll be a beta. But even though this feels like a step back, I'm honestly really happy that the newer changes to animation are moving the code in a more maintainable direction and adding clarity to a situation that was, at best, pretty murky before.

There has been some further work on 515 stuff, although not during all this bug chasing. One of the minor features that should deliver nice quality-of-life is an improvement to JSON encoding and decoding. It's about all I've had a chance to work on in between a release and the next wave of bug reports. But I'll get back to 515 and bigger stuff soon enough.

Many thanks to everyone who's helped support BYOND this month. I'm grateful for all your support and looking forward to getting you even better new features to play with.

Next week is a huge milestone BYONDiversary for me! I'd like to do something to celebrate, but first I have bigger issues to take care of. Even though we're going into the weekend I expect to be hard at work on that one bug so I can get a new release out, Friday curse or not. Hopefully the rest of you will have a more relaxing time of it. It's the end of summer, so make it count!