Does anyone know if it's possible to edit the default text window that BYOND has? As in, say do the kind of stuff that MMORPGS do so when you change channel the text is hidden or revealed to allow reduction of spam? And just to clarify, I'm referring to the text window you get when you click the "Text" tab on BYOND, not the alerts or anything.
I think this is what your looking for...
script="<STYLE>BODY{background: black; color:blue face:arial}</STYLE>"

That should be self explainatory, if its not just ask...

Not really. Sadly you can't just clear the text window and re-write it all.

My preferred alternative is to use statpanels. I wrote a demo showing a decent way of doing it, but there was a really big mistake with my technique in it that I never got around to fixing. I'll post again if I get around to fixing it, but for now it's just a way of illustrating what I mean by 'using the statpanels'.

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Oh, not it's not but thanks anyway. I know how to set the colors etc but not how to edit the content inside the window as it's running. You know like have the following:

Jim says: I'm talking.
John OOC: I'm a walrus!
Jan says: ...that's.... nice.

And then be able to toggle OOC off so that what John says disappears ie

Jim says: I'm talking.
Jan says: ...that's.... nice.

(All of this in the main chat window)
You could output the text differently to different people, or, alternatively, output it only to certain people. In fact, you could use 'em both!

Here's a rough sketch:
for (player) in (certain group)
player << modified text