Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

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This post got archived a long time ago but we still have no way to efficiently manipulate a sound for things as simple as even just fading it in or out. I shouldn't have to continuously update a sound and then send the update over the network to all listeners 10 times a second just to fade out some music. You should let the client handle simple effects that are commanded once by the server.
I have some ideas for adding animation support to sounds, but fade and fadein vars exist now in the language so it'd make sense to add those to the sound datum.

I'll have to see what options the audio library gives me for actually applying the fading so it can be done smoothly instead of in steps, but I like this idea. The simplicity of having simple vars handle the most basic cases makes sense.
Hmm, I'd like to make sure it's clear that I mean I would like to be able to trigger a fadeout at any point in the sound.

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