Fall is finally here—by which I mean the equinox isn't here yet, but it's after Labor Day and that's all that matters. School is back in session, and the weather is turning.

It's been a busy week here for BYOND 515, even for a short one. Last week I mentioned that I might want to update the map editor at long last. It's now becoming clear that this has to take priority over the rendering refactor I want to do, because it will enable me to do a lot of things that are beneficial for the suite as a whole: including finally dumping the outdated software rendering engine. But to get there, I'm having to refactor a lot of client code.

Basically because the renderer always worked exclusively with the client, major parts of the pre-renderer were so thoroughly entangled with client variables that now I'm having to find ways of separating them. In the process I've cleared a lot of cruft, and I expect to clear more as this process goes on. I'm hoping I can also improve pre-render performance in a number of areas just by finally being able to do some under-the-hood stuff that's been on my list forever, so this should show improvements to the client as well.

514 has not gone neglected of course, and I have a couple of bug fixes in the pipeline awaiting a new release. Since it's Friday and I have no special need to buck the Friday curse, I'm gonna wait till at least Monday to do the next maintenance release.

Developing merch is still high on my list, so I have some things to move forward with today to move that process along. Right now the main design people seem to want is the BYOND logo, so I'm experimenting mostly with variations on that: the atom alone, the full name, the name with the "Build Your Own Net Dream" subtitle, etc. (I doubt the logo alone will end up anywhere except in some fringe cases like stickers.) There's even a question of color, whether the words of "BYOND" should have the nice sunset orange gradient we used to have. And I'm looking at some meme options like "mak gam" too.

Thanks again to everyone who's helped support BYOND through Membership and other donation channels. It's greatly appreciated and I'm working hard for you here.

Although I'm trying to avoid jumping into the donut part of cider and donuts season for as long as possible, I'm finding unexpected difficulty obtaining good cider. I mean, cider and cheese is a favorite thing of mine, but where's the good stuff? Right now I can't even find Wegmans' store brand, and that ain't right. Usually for dealing with such a colossal disappointment the go-to option is... donuts. So you see the problem.
I think the BYOND Logo, but surrounded by shine like the shining of the North Star, as a sign of going in the right direction and below it or surrounding it by "Build Your Own Net Dream" would be cool.
Was thinking about this more, and probably the best merch for those of us that joined circa 2001-2002ish might be some nostalgia merch.

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