As of current me and a small group are planning on recreating SS13 in a browser, most likely C#, but I remembered that BYOND has a web client. I am generally the creative lead for the group and have the best understanding of the game itself, but not coding so it will take some time to respond, but we just generally want to know what the limits of the web clients are and if there is any easy way to fix it or if we're better off just going from scratch and recreating it. We also understand that most server don't support this, this is just for screwing around and to get back into coding for all of us to be honest. Thanks for your help.
The webclient is really inactive at this point. I'd like to revive it when I can but there are a number of technical difficulties standing in the way. A lot of its troubles stem from the fact that its code evolved from Flash, but newer features got to be an issue for it as well. I haven't touched it in a bit and there are some broken bits now.

The biggest issue in-browser is that JavaScript likes to do garbage collection on its own time, which usually causes major stuttering problems.
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Will me and my group be able to work out the kinks on our side or are we going to have to wait on you or any BYOND devs to work on it?

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