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The Icon Editor's Color Preview box, the one that displays the current color beneath the cursor, along with the X,Y pixel location, is useless where it currently resides. In order to fulfill its purpose, it needs to be as close to the current primary and secondary colors as possible. There is no way to compare colors when there is an entire application between them. Change blindness renders any comparison moot.


What the holy heck happened to the pallet? The old pallet was a wondrous thing of mathematical beauty and precision. The new pallets looks like a hot mess of chaos. Do you know how frustrating that is to work with? I mean, color is hard enough to gauge, but that makes it impossible to tell what you're working with until you put it to canvas. I have to randomly grab, what I think, are blue greens, but they turn out to be green blues, or slightly purple, or way too desaturated. Grumble grumble....


Colors can appear very very different depending on context. There are optical illusions that can happen when you perceive colors juxtaposed. Without a coherent context for color, it is nearly impossible to tell the hue.

Can we get an option for the old pallet layout? What was the logic behind this change, and why was it necessary? This effectively breaks the icon editor for any serious color work. I have a copy of 354 just so I can use the old icon editor pallet.

I would consider this a bug, but I'll leave my concerns here. Either way, the right people will see it.

Oh, and it should not be possible to alter the dimensions of the pallet, so the colors remain fixed in their positions. Because, as mentioned above, color without context is nonsense. Allowing the pallet to change shape and change the color layout should not be allowed, under any circumstances. Ever.

Oh, and the currently used colors are rearrange-able by the user, until the icon editor decides to reset the arrangement you just made. Again, color context is very important. If I setup my currently used colors in a certain way, the editor should respect that arrangement. New colors can be simply added to the end of the stack in the order they are used unless arranged by the user. The editor should never alter the locations of the currently used colors.

Phew. Feels good to get that out. :P
I do like the new editor. Zoom for the win. :D
I remember complaining about the old palette, probably saying things along the lines of improving some functions and adding slightly better color choice by default, some easy simple meaningful improvements to just get newbies into it asap and then he changed it to this abomination...

My complaints afterwards were totally ignored. Good luck.

LJR, just copy the palette of GMS1-2 by default. Optionally overcomplicate. Probably go for GMS 1 since it has less colors. Less is more, mostly.

Okay. This is weird. I can't see 2DExtremeProductions's reply while I am logged in. When I log out, there it is. Log in, vanished. Website bug, database glitch? Weird.
2DExtremeProductions wrote:
My complaints afterwards were totally ignored. Good luck.

I think I may have figured out why that is. Seems to be a bug with your posts, perhaps other users as well, which causes them not to appear to people who are logged in to the website. I made a bug report about it. Sorry about that. I'm sure it will be fixed as soon as someone gets a chance.