by Xooxer
Chat on the map!
This small demo/library provides basic chat functionality right inside the map control. No input or output controls are required. Input is handled as well as output, complete with blinking cursor and arrow controls to scroll the text area.

I did not add the ability to select text on the screen, or paste text into the input. These things are possible, and I may add them in a later update, but the prospect of adding them seemed too daunting for now. This demo should still meet almost all of your needs for chat directly on the map.

This does contain a library called xoText, a modified version of Shadowdarke's sdText. It can be used to display text on the map, and it is how I made xoChat. Feel free to tinker, or apply it to other areas of your project.

Load up the demo and press 'Y' to open the chat window. Use Esc key to close it (exactly like Minecraft).

This has a bare bones skeleton of the chat structure Chatters uses. You can found and lock channels, join different channels, etc. Complete with basic moderation, though you will want to tighten things up yourself. There is no automatic spam or flood protection, and no swear filter.

Type /help for a list of commands. Scroll up with the arrow keys to see all the help text. /list will show all the channels available to join (none are at the start). Type /join "Channel Name" to create a new channel.

Everything should be fairly self-explanatory beyond that.

This is not plug and play, though adding it to your project should be simple enough.