Bleach: Las Noches

by Lightning Inc.
Bleach: Las Noches
Version 17 will tie in all of the new elements of the game, changes/additions galore.
One of the classic Byond games, completely ruined by the 'small in the pants' energy of the GM's.

A tale as old as time.
Not sure if you believe the GMs muted you, but there's a trait in the game anyone can get that allows people to mute you for a minute. Yes it's toxic but that's the point of it.

The only abuse here was player on player, Rippy doesn't teleport to people and kill them or abuse his power in any way.

Granted if he's going to be an aggressive killing machine he needs to remove |GM| from his name because yes there's a message being sent regardless. "What u mad br0?" being said at the time of mute is that trait called "Mad Br0?" which can be viewed under the preview button for traits.
He was definitely referring to you with the "small in the pants energy".

You're legendary for how much of a snowflake you are.

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