How do i make one? I found alot of codes but i couldnt get them to work for me..i want the NPC to use certain attacks a certain amount of time like this one is 25% and the other is 75%
Look up the prob() in the DM Reference. (F1 in Dream Maker)
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if it won't move and every code you tried hasn't worked than you might have a movements proc to make the player move at a certain speed, check your npc's variables and make add the variable to the movement proc so the npc will be affected by the movement too,this happened to me and took me a while to find out how to get it to work than I found out that my movement was affecting it. if this is not the problem than I don't got anything else to say, good luck.
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Anything limiting the speed of players should be put in client/Move(), not mob/Move(). You don't need any extra variables, you just need to do things properly.