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when i run my game, it gives me 2 errors.."expected a constant" and "expected )" But you know how if you have errors u cant edit the map? Thats where the errors are! In the map file, what would cause this o.o
It's not in your map file, it's somewhere else in the code. Rather then opening your map again, compile first so it lists where the problem are so you can fix it.
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Thats just it, it LISTS it in the MapFile its self Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Ah, hm, there's two ways I can think of this fixing this though I am not sure.

1) Sometimes the error listed is a line after the actual problem (as you may have notice). The error line is probably at the end of a file.

2) Try editing the map with a text editor (ex: notepad) and seeing any erroneous line present

Again, I am not sure if that'll help.