How would i do it so when i equip items ,lets say, a little "E" icon i have would appear as the suffix of the item?
I'm not sure of this, but have you tried using \icon in the suffix variable?

Also I've noticed suffixes aren't put in grids. If they could be an alternative to inventory statpanels, shouldn't they show the suffix too?
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/icon isnt working for me and i dont know about the inventory statpanel thing
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You could always put an overlay on the actual object, instead of a suffix.
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Please look things (procs,operators,variables,macros...) up in the DM Reference before you use them. Rejoice, because the \icon text macro actually does work for this. I don't know if this is actually why it didn't work fory you, but - from the DM Reference:

The \icon macro expands internally to the <IMG> tag.

Normally statpanels do not support HTML. In BYOND 4.0, however, there is an option to enable HTML in your info control by editing it in the interface editor.

<small>EDIT: Oops! Didn't escape the <IMG> tag</small>
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Ok, Thanks