Tales of Mana

by Mana Production
Tales of Mana
RPG of One's Journey In A World Of Mana.
'Sup everyone
It's been a while I've done a post concerning game project these last few months. Life be like that sometimes when you have busy schedule around work, school, social life, ect.

Last post I've done was related to Astral Stigma, though some stuffs have happened and the game is currently on pause until it sorted out.

But right now, Astral Stigma is not this post's concern.

I be talking about Tales of Mana, a project that is based from our old action RPG project, Tales of Judgment R, commonly known as ToJR

As many others knew the game, Tales of Judgment R was a game based off the Tales series, a niche series, so people who were fan of Tales games were already interested in ToJR as it was akin to play similar to the old 2D games before it transitioned to 3D.

A lot of stuffs were done but the game couldn't get further ahead since it did features Tales Characters of the Tales series. Though initially, it wouldn't much a problem since it's a project made out of fun. But why waste all these work even if it was made out of fun?

That what gave the idea to revisit ToJR and rework with original characters that would give more character customization and original contents later on.

Thus Tales of Mana happened.
New and Old fans of ToJR could come and play this newest version that features more customization in character creation between the four playable classes (Fighter, Gunman, Sorceress and Conjuress), a bit more balanced paced battle system, original music and much more as the game develops.

As of now, there's a demo that will be hosted sometimes for playtesting and trying out the new contents be worked on.

Everyone is welcome to join to try it out when the demo is online.
Until then, I will try to give more news when updates are in progress.
That is all for now for this post, I will return to work on Gunman's Mystic Arte since Fighter's, Sorceress's and Conjuress' are done.