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I have an account called King of Kingss I can't access due to my account not being available. I would like to request an Email change actually to resolve the problem and fix it. My IP should be the same as where I live right now, and I can give you my discord as well. King of Kings#4274.
Best response

The King of Kingss account is not currently deactivated, which means that, unless you've lost the password to it, you should be able to access it. Please try simply logging in if you know its password.

If you've lost the password AND you've lost control of the account's parent e-mail account, then you should send in an e-mail to [email protected], being sure to include relevant information to get the account transferred to an e-mail you're in control of.

As a note, the King of Kingss account was created on August 8th. If you're already losing access to accounts this quickly, I would urge you to use a safe password manager or otherwise record account credentials somewhere safe such that this doesn't happen again.
Thanks for the advice. My laptop ending up dying so I basically lost everything on there unless I can recover it.