FEED: The Halloween Demo

by Kumorii
experience a taste of the next generation of BYOND's finest action game!

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Enjoy some seasonal tunes while you read!

It's officially Halloween Eve; candy is abound while the spooks are stirring and the ghouls are .. doing whatever it is ghouls do? Summer is officially behind us for another year, and the chill of Fall is already making its presence known. Won't be long until the barren, funereal grip of winter is upon us once more. I'm not excited for winter depression.. but i'm pretty excited for winter coziness! Mmmmmm, space heaters, cardigans, and hoodies!

Yes. I am one of them.

Anyways, over the last couple months I've been working on an action shooter framework that I've been affectionately referring to as the "FEED Framework". Within it is a slew of mechanics that I've been developing and refining with the intentions of utilizing them to produce a polished, full-fledged FEED reboot! I have a very ambitious design plan for the reboot, so it's important that I have a solid foundation for that project.. hence the Feed Framework!

While this framework is being developed with FEED in mind, it's open-ended and modular enough to be easily used as a foundation for other action games. Part of the reason I decided to create this demo is to showcase the function and potential of the FEED Framework(so far) and hopefully inspire/motivate other developers. BYOND has improved dramatically in recent years through Lummox's unwavering devotion to improving the engine, and I feel like many of us still don't really grasp the potential of the engine today. It ain't 2010 no more, and BYOND has more untapped potential than ever before!

Another reason why I created this demo was to commemorate FEED's 10th anniversary. It was Fall 2011 when FEED was initially conceived. The project quickly became a huge part of my life and, with the help of countless friends and fans, was remade numerous times --- each iteration of the project improving and refining the concept and design quirks of the last; all while figuring out what exactly makes FEED.. well, FEED! Over the years it's grown from a fun idea into a passion project that carries a tiny piece of my soul with it. So to celebrate a Decade of Feed and demonstrate what the FEED Framework is already capable of.. I produced this! I'm quite proud of this demo and the hundreds of hours I've put into it over the last month. I'm honored and ecstatic to finally be able to share this with you all!

Beware spoilers!

Standalone Download:
If you (or your friends!) don't have BYOND installed you can still run the game using the standalone exe provided below!

[Direct Download]

OS: Windows 7 or greater.
GPU: Most any dedicated GPU should suffice.
Controls: Keyboard OR Controller.
Multiplayer Compatible: No.

Developer Contact:
Discord: clouddspiderr#8523

If you play the demo, please take a moment to share your thoughts! FEED has always benefited from community involvement and no question, suggestion, or criticism is ever off-limits! Ideas for mechanics, weapons, enemies, etc. are encouraged! I will answer any questions to the best of my ability.

It was interesting to work in a single-player context where I didn't need to worry so much about the perspective of other players, since there are none. Also provided much more opportunity to utilize some of the FEED lore I've been gradually stitching together over the years. I very well might put some time into a single-player narrative-driven spinoff to FEED that goes more into the lore and characters of the FEED Universe. BUT; that is a far-off abstract fancy for now! The priority now is to continue expanding and improving the FEED Framework while taking steps closer towards a finished, multiplayer FEED experience! Speaking of...

I expect to start multiplayer testing sometime in December!
Be there or be square!

Anyways, I hope everyone is staying safe and sane in these strange times of ours!

If you have a couple nickels in your pocket and are excited about what I'm making; consider donating thems nickels to my Coffee fund! It takes a lot of time and effort to make a game.. every cent would help a ton!

Hark! Go forth and consume sugary delights and deliver some frights! A lot of good things could soon be in store; but will inevitably leave us wanting more! A dreadful paradox does implore; frightful times to come once more! Hark! The spooks beckon greedily upon thine door; Happy Halloween!

-<3 Kumorii / Clouddspiderr
Could of had more effort put into it, could of did this in a day.

Needs more optimization and the lack of multiplayer on a multiplayer focused engine is kinda redundant.