by Acebloke
You've played Zombie rush defence games, but you haven't played this!
Hi everyone, its been ten years since the last update to SurviveThis! I felt like it needed some population data updates, so I spent a few hours today doing that, and fleshing out some of the intended updates from before. Its named Final Version? Because really, its up to people to decide whether it gets updated again.

It was made in a time before the usual zombie games on BYOND, and a lot has obviously changed in ten years. For me, I've divorced, got remarried, had 3 kids between those two marriages, found out I have - and got a formal diagnosis of Autism, bought a house and bought a Neo Geo. Its fair to say that quite a bit has happened since the last update.

Somewhere along that time, I got myself in a situation where I was doing 4 jobs, I had 2 days off a month, and I've been slowly clawing my time back as its passed. When December the 1st hits this year, it'll be the first time in about 6 years where I only have 1 job. Thoughts of developing games has run through my mind as that time has been reclaimed, and my origins on BYOND. Ultimately, some of my most playable stuff has come from developing on this site, and I still use it regularly to test and make things privately even if not game related.

So anyway, I wanted to make it available that subscriptions for SurviveThis! is reduced back down from $6 (I don't know why it went higher, I must have had some logic at some point) to $5, in line with what the in-game text said. However, I would like to nudge you into the direction of my Patreon Page, dead as a dodo for many years as I've never really pushed it in any format.

There is four tiers, the top one being the most silly, for those that have cash to waste. However, I would like to point out the 3 other tiers, particularly the first two. The first one is the $1 tier, the files you find on the discord channel (now completely private btw - only paying customers can be on - I can offer free access to those who have supported my games in the past, I know who you are) won't be anything you can't find on other sites, like this one and AtariAge, where I mostly frequent now - but also a free subscription to one of my BYOND games. This can be SurviveThis!, Wargames, Wargames 2, Chrono Wars or Giaothe Gold (that is my RPG in a day I made many years ago, with some Quality of Life improvements). The $5 tier will get you all those games as part of a subscription. The $10 gives you some extra benefits including my ear for what you want worked on in the future. This also includes early access to other files and games not yet released.

As I've never picked up any pledges ever in my entire time (failure, I know) - I'm up for offering the first 3 people at the $5 an upgrade to the super-patreon rank for the discord channel with its extra bonuses for 1 month, or until I get someone at the $10 tier - whichever is longer.

Check it out if you are interested in supporting me long term - I've got time to spare now so the chances of more legacy updates to BYOND games is more likely.

Anyway, to the updates to the game...



* Controller support, woowoo!
* Houses on minimap delays zombies better than farms.
* Subscriber bonus: Randomise the mini map for new challenges!


* Added both 2021 population for regions and capital city data for regions (survival mode).
* Minimap zombies is only zombies, before invisible ones would pop up out of nowhere. This is essentially completing the minimap zombie horde mechanic to its intended use.
* Default setting now is "Hopeless Average Urbanite", meaning zombies will be coming towards you already.
* Character type: Weekend Comspiracy Theorist now gets an extra 3-9 food.
* Character type: Paranoid Hardcore Survivalist now gets the same extra food allowance and between 6-120 9mm ammo.


Minimap roads were supposed to speed up zombies, but instead they avoided them, fixed.

TLDR: Patreon Beg because I've never had anyone pledge before.
Controller support added to game
More features to the local mini map including a randomiser to subscribers
2021 population data for all those extra millions of zombies you want to kill in game

This doesn't have to be the final version, but I'll leave it to you guys to decide whether you like it to or not.