Is there anyway to prevent a player from being able to move at certain times, without making the areas around it dense? I am trying to make it so that the player cant move when a part of the storyline comes up, but i don't know how. Can anyone help?
I've commented the code so you can better understand it. You'll have to set the variable yourself whenever you want a mob to be frozen.


var/frozen = 0 // frozen variable

Move() // movement proc (called anytime a mob moves)

if(src.frozen) return // if they're frozen, they can't move

else ..() // otherwise, let them move freely
Ah. I thought that that was how it would be implemented, but i wasn't sure which proc/s it should change.
Given that the OP asked for restricting 'player initiated movement', wouldn't it be a a better idea to override client.Move() instead and thus leave the ability to handle 'default server initiated movement'?
In addition to Schnitzelnagler's criticism, Move() (both the movable atom and client versions) has a return value and it's important to actually return it, or you can subtly break a wide variety of procedures. So an improved version of your code:

tmp/frozen = 0 // 'tmp' makes sure this can't get saved with the client

Move(loc, dir) // Move takes arguments
if(frozen) return 0 // If we're frozen, return a value indicating movement failure

return ..(loc, dir) // Call the parent and return it
In response to Jp
While we're adding in general improvements... ;)

Jp wrote:
>         return ..(loc, dir) // Call the parent and return it

For robustness, you should avoid manually specifying the arguments to ..() when possible. See here: [link]

Of course, it's not particularly problematic here, but it's still potentially problematic, thus less robust, thus less desirable.