I know this has probably been asked many a time, but how do you "stack" items, so that they do not clutter up a user's inventory? And, although i could probably figure it out, how would you set a limit to said stackable items?

Also, I am using objects to represent attacks (because each attack has its own set of stats and stuff, so i thought that would be the best way to do it) and, as it is a pokemon game i am making, each attack has its own pp/mpp stat thing. I'm wondering how i can make this appear in my stats panel?

Attack Stats Code:


attacktype = "Normal"
power = 35
accuracy = 95
hittype = "Physical"
pp = 10
mpp = 10

How would i make it appear as:
Tackle 10/10
... ...
etc etc/etc

For stacking items, use a quantity variable. The quantity variable is increased when the player gets more of the same object, and decreased when the player drops some of the object or uses some.

To display a stat next to an object, change the objects 'suffix' variable.
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can you elaborate on the suffix variable please?
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The 'suffix' variable is a built-in variable for objects. It's type is a text string that doesn't accept formatting. When set, the suffix var will be displayed next to its parent object in statpanels and grids.
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suffix = "[pp]/[mpp]"

Tried that /\
Didnt work.

How would i use it in this sense?
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You need to change the suffix whenever those variables change. You can't define one variable in terms of another one at compile-time like that.
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So how would that be done?

I'm full of questions me ^.^
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Does src.attacks actually hold attack objects? If the attacks are actually in src.contents, use a for() loop to go through src.contents and check the type of each object. If it is an attack, use stat() to display it. If not, do nothing.
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Oh no, the list, src.attacks, works fine. It will display the users attacks in the attacks section of the statpanel. It's just getting the pp in that i am trying to do.
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Use a proc for changing those variables, and in the proc have suffix update as well as changing the variable.

ChangePP(obj/attack/O, value) // Value should be positive to increase PP, negative to decrease PP
O.pp += value
O.suffix = "[O.pp]/[O.mpp]"

Use procs like that for changing values that are displayed in suffixes.
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Yes, I saw the problem after reading Garthor's post.
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Ok, so is their anyway to do that when the user logs in? My guess is calling that at log-in and using value of 0?