Pretty much, I'm presently working on a map maker utility for an upcoming game.

There are a large number of pregenerated graphics that I need to "bake" into the map file(s).

I want the map file(s) to all be server-side, so that the map maker utility can be hosted and multiple users can log in and cooperate on building a map.

Pretty much, this means I need to save numerous /icon objects to a file that can be read later on.

I've tried writing to a savefile object and I've tried outputting to a file object, but nothing seems to work. Writing to a savefile object gave me runtime errors and outputting to a file object yielded zero results.

Since I need these files server-side, I can't use ftp() either. I'm not sure if I want to be using ftp() for numerous files anyhow...

How do I go about writing a large number of /icon objects to server-side files?
How were you trying to output the icons to a savefile? Individually, through a list, a datum, ect? Are you sure it's a valid icon? (it can be finicky if you start from an empty /icon, I usually have to have load an icon with a blank state)

I also thought there was a process that could dump a file in the dynamic cache into a local directory, but I can't find it now (maybe fcopy(), though?)
In response to DarkCampainger
I tried outputting them individually.

I thought about having a datum or atom in there and having the icons as attributes, but I haven't tried it yet.

It doesn't make sense for something like that to work, when simply outputting the icon by itself doesn't work.