Kaimon: New Age Online

by NewAgeParty
Kaimon: New Age Online
Monster-catching, real-time battle, interesting AI & Online Adventure.

Kaimon: New Age Online is a new Online action MORPG on the horizon! Inspired by games like Pokemon and Monster Rancher with a massively expanding map to make it a fully explorable open world. In this game you'll be able to travel around and catch Kaimon, train and evolve them, watch them in the wild with their natural behaviors, battle with an immersive, complex real-time battle system, make friends with other players, partake in PvP and tournaments, challenge legendary trainers, engage in quests and storylines and become the very best and many more!

We are currently doing open testing and building our community! Come join in, try the game out, give some suggestions and help us find bugs! Can be found through the discord!

  • Full Character Customization: Over 100 different hairstyles and tons of clothing variations. With more ongoing.
  • FULLY ONLINE. 24/7 Shell Server hosting.
  • A Emotion System where each Kaimon (including Kaimon in the wild) have emotions running through them determining how they feel or respond to things such as being attacked, battling, getting Spa Treatment or eating their favorite flavors.
  • Real Time Battle System instead of turn-based. Things such as Speed or Weight become important in movements, with heavier Kaimon having some benefits of Weight stun or Super Armor. Moves can react to each other, leave field effects, or you can counter attacks with a similar attack or opposing elements
  • Battle Legendary Trainers and Boss Trainer AIs. Engage in Boss Battles with Legendary Kaimon or Raid Battles with other players.
  • Animated Kaimon Sprites so you can see how they're attacking and their personalities.
  • Following Kaimon - Have your favorite Kaimon follow you when you're outside of battle - even take them into Spas with you to give them some loving treatment. Or ride on any that are heavy enough to ride on. Traverse through water or lava to explore new places. Use your moves and attacks you've taught them to get through Obstacles!
  • Biggg Maps! - To fit the game style and open world, many routes have hidden paths! The routes are open and have more things in them allowing for in-depth exploration! Find new Quests and things to do!
  • Day/Night, Season and Wondering Weather System! Different Monsters will appear in all routes based off of the weather and time! See the way Night and Day or weather affects what might show up in a Route.
  • Breeding System! Breed your Kaimon in your own personal Kaimon Ranch! Combine traits of them for compatible Kaimon and even sell your Eggs to other Players trying to get the best stats!
  • Complex Monster Wild AI behavior! Watch some Kaimon form gangs naturally in the routes, some isolate and hunt or other monsters dance around and play with each other. Some if they notice you will chase after you! Good luck!
  • Take part in differing quests. Seek to understand Legendary Kaimon linked to mankind.
  • Make your own adventure in this online game.
  • Constant Updates! Actively listening to the suggestions of player within the community to make this the best game for you!

Planned Features

  • Guild System with Guild Houses - So players can create their own in-game communities and build team points.
  • Scan Monsters to make a Global Player Run Beastiary, go around being a researcher to try to gain more information on Monsters and their behaviors.
  • PvP Tournaments that are automated.
  • Increase AI Complexity of other Trainer AI for Battling.
  • A Champion League that's also an automated tournament only allowing participants who've completed all Gym Challenges.
  • Regional Ranking System along with World-Wide Ranking System. Become the Monster Master amongst your peers.
  • Costumes that you can give to your Kaimon for aesthetic purposes.
  • More Quests, a lot of story based ones, a whole s*** ton of content. Aiming for at least 1000.
  • A website/forum linked to the game with events and contests.


Map Tiles Sprites:
  • Kyle-Dove
  • rayd12smitty
  • carchagui
  • kidkatt
  • MagiScarf
  • Rekman
  • Aveontrainer
  • MorlockHater
  • WesleyFG
  • Kaliser
  • Tratas
  • Erikumi
  • DarkDragonn
  • XDinky
  • aveontrainer
  • KingTapir

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