Goditz = the big "hacking" Machine lol!
i got some pms from Agent Zer0 that goditz is hacking games on Byond, and hacked one of myn rotflmao!
Dan or Tom, if this is true that he is hacking peoples games trying to crash them do somthing.
but i got pms from more then just Agent Zer0 about this issue.
And i put my money down that Goditz was the one to hack my email! i had Credit Card Numbers in my email that i had from Donateing to games, now Goditz, if you read this post by hacking my email " if it was you " you just did smothing that ISNT very good Credit card numbers, in my email ouch you can get in shit for that.
any money goes missing
whoever did it pays
now Goditz as im writing this message i look back on Dreem Seeker and yet MORE people saying you did it. NOW IM IN A BAD MOOD!
this is not for people to REPLY to! only GODITZ to reply!
so everyone else MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESS! i have no other place to post this so im posting here, sorry dan and tom but i got no way to get Ahold of this "hacker" so i have to do it here.
- KYLE!~
what a poopyhead whoever hacked
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Please refrain from launguage like that on the forums.
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Thats right; the forums are no place for that langauge. In future refrain from that type of language, or dont post.

<font color="red"> Super saiyan3
If you're afraid of people on byond hacking you, then don't use byond. Or, what in my opinion is better, don't make your games public to byond. If you give people say on Mudconnector the address to connect to your game, and tell them to download byond to run your game, then there probably won't be too many people from byond playing your game.

Dan and Tom can't do anything more about hackers than you can, so far as I know. It's your game(s), it's your problem.

Don't post on a public forum saying only this person can reply, it won't get you anywhere. E-mail them if you want to do that. Chances are "Goditz" won't reply anyway.
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i just aint in the mood, and if you hack youll be charg3ed 3000 dollars, i just talked to my cable company thanks.
and they will find whoever did it, and they will be charged
Cappa Kyle wrote:
i got pms

I had assumed you were male! My mistake. :)
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Hehe, good one.
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Well, you're the neuter one around here!
Now lesson her little boy. 1st off I don't screw with ne ones credit cards. That's just dumb and asking for it there's to much of a trail to follow when doing that crap. 2nd off I don't hack byond games. I have no need to I'm GM in most of them and bug expoiting is different then hacking and if peeps coded better it wouldn't be so easy to Inf stat. 3rd if I stole your email account it would be called cracking not hacking dumb dumb. 4th your cousin offered me GM in a few games to get ur account back and I was going to do it but now that someone pointed this out to me, you accuessing me of something I didn't do nor would even want to do,what on earth am I gonna do with your e-mail account huh comeon use ur brain. 5th Screw you and Zer0 u read this guess what your off team GG now ha talk ur smack now lammer. 6th this the 1st time since I started byond back in May that I've read the forum and only reason I did this time is because word of this post got back to me and I got link to this post. Another words don't try to get me on this board I don't read it u got my MSN and AIM login and my pager. Pager best way.
Is it just me, or is anybody else finding Crappa Kyle here a raving, incoherent waste of protein?

Oh. And it wastes our good oxygen too.

And hub space. Mustn't forget hub space.

Ooh, and bandwidth. Big waste of that..

Did I miss anything?

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Good point, but I'm having good fun insulting it.

So, here's a big philosophical question.. does it waste our time if we enjoy pondering more ways to insult it?

Obviously, it wastes our time, as we're reading its posts and complaining about it and its clones. But, is it a complete waste of our time to sit around, enjoying insulting it?

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Obviously, it wastes our time, as we're reading its posts and complaining about it and its clones. But, is it a complete waste of our time to sit around, enjoying insulting it?

No, though I think there's a "diminishing returns" effect after a while.
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a few things...
first off, i never said anything about goditz. hes my friend, more than i can say for you kyle, so even if he was hacking, i wouldnt tell.
secondly kyle, what made you think i said anything to you anyway? Ive tried to pm you about thinks and youve either ignored me, told me to fuck off or just stayed silent. i resent what youre doing to me here man. leave me outta this.
Goditz just tells me that you have this whole convo recorded...i'd love to see it...

In response to Agent Zer0
nice one kyle, i almost believed that 'recorded' convo for a minute, but you lose..i dont go on the comp before 12 in the afternoon, because i have work everyday. dont believe him godita i wouldnt do that kinda shit to you, but kyle can just rot in hell for that one
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Please watch your launguage here.
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