So, I recently got a new monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, after this, all the servers I join have some weird font size that's way too small, and anoying, the loading screen when joining server (SS13 servers, for example) is smaller too. Nothing too serious but I couldn't find anything on the settings, so I came here trying to find a solution.


In one pic you can see that the textbox (where I type) is way smaller than the chatbox (where I see what I say or other people says, interactions, etc)

In the other pic you can see that the changelog, rules, wiki, etc is smaller than the other text. Maybe it's normal but it never happened to me before, with my older monitor or with my notebook

May be important to add that my older monitor had a resolution of 1366x768.
Forgot to mention that I am playing in windows 10, no clue if it makes any difference.