by PaperClip Productions
Fight alone or with your friends against a never ending army of infected. Can you survive?
Good evening BYONDers,

Yesterday evening I had the luxury of playing a few round of Quarantine online, and as expected plenty of bugs popped up.

I've updated the server and managed to fix a lot of small and major bugs stopping gameplay. I've also tweaked the firing mechanics in the game to make playing a little more smoother.

The bat icon and the dog icon have also seen upgrades, as well as speed increases to dogs and leech's.

- Bat icon updated
- Dog speed increased
- Dog icon updated
- Leech speed increased
- Firing mechanics re-worked
- Lighting reset issues
- Able to reload multiple times
- Round not properly resetting
- Round counter would display 1 instead of 0 between rounds
- Blindness not being removed from Bat special
- Melee fixed
- Objects thrown by zombies distance extended
- Players able to pass through large doors
- Slight improvements to AI-pathfinding
- Players can now walk over eachother
- Exit button added to chatbox