Problem description:
For some reason loading characters has been weird lately.

Loading my character by using S["mob"]>>src has been making my src become null immediately after for some reason. Also, when I do things like set src=usr and a few more convoluted lines of code to fix this, it might work when clicking 'Run' in DM but then every time I click load while running a server in dream daemon, I consistently dc every time I try to load my character. I've been trying to fix this for weeks through debugging strategies via world.log and other means but have not been able to find the problem. Now it's back to not even working in DM because of all the changes I've tried in order to address the problem that happens when the server is up.
Without commenting much on what you mentioned.. An issue you may be hitting is that in the middle of a function(which is being called by your current usr/src. When you are setting the src to something else inside of that same code. The two just don't mix.

Have some other outside call to "main" the call of S["mob"] >> aguywhoneedsloaded. Which doesn't rely on the usr of the original function to be the mob prior to loading a new mob.
I'm afraid I don't really understand what you mean by that? "Main"? Outside call? And I don't understand the problem with setting source.
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You are inside a object when using it as a ref to call a function...
src = ChangeCar()
The current src is the one who is starting the chain of calls that Open() would be used in a usr.vehicle.Open() . So when you change the src inside of a function you're going to get some weirdness. As it can=/=cannot be done.

One thing to do is use a global.LoadPlayer()
var/savefile/f = new("[c.key]")
f >> c.mob
return c.mob

usr = Load_Player(usr.client)
usr << "If you didn't set the return value to be the NEW-current player then this function will break. As it was called by the OLD mob."
^Better example than the first.
It still does not work even after revamping the load system that way. It works when running the game but again it does not work when I am hosting on dream daemon.
Can someone please help me fix this issue? I have no idea what is going on with my game and so I can't even bring up a server.
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KenryutoJr. wrote:
Can someone please help me fix this issue? I have no idea what is going on with my game and so I can't even bring up a server.

Would be much easier to see the issue at hand with some kind of code to go along with what you're needing help with code-wise.
The problem hardly seems code-related given that the only issue is when I host it using dream daemon.