After recovering from the dreaded you-know-what, I got struck with some after-effects. Bronchitis is the worst. So this week I've been exhausted and not nearly as much got done as I would like.

In spite of that I did get some bugs fixed, and put out a couple of maintenance releases out yesterday. It's a couple because, of course, one of the big compiler fixes caused a regression in, of course, SS13: or rather some SS13 versions. The regression was a fairly rare issue but I felt it should be patched right away regardless.

In 515 stuff I decided to start looking into the idea of upgrading the savefile format. There are some really big questions looming around compatibility, but I think I've got them figured out. That means I should be able to move forward with newer features at some point, like native map saving.

Anyway I'm keeping it super short this week because there isn't a lot else to tell, but don't worry: we'll get through this together. And by together I basically mean I'll be sitting here eating ramen while everyone else does their own thing.

Thanks again to everyone who's helped support BYOND lately via Membership and the other donation channels. It really means everything.

And now I get to deal with some absolute blistering cold and the inevitable pain that will come with it. The urge to hit up Aldi for animal crackers or bake some mall-style sugar butter M&M cookies (now that I've found a recipe) is getting serious.
Lummox JR wrote:
like native map saving.

Since loading a .dmm file can be done with soft-code, can't you add a soft-code like version built-in? Just a question.
Holy God yes. Please Please Please built-in map saving/loading.
In response to Kozuma3
I might be able to add built-in .dmm loading, but I was referring to more of a true save.