So I'm mapping for the first time since mid-2020... I'm trying to add buildings, but it keeps shrinking them to a single square on Dream Maker. I remember back when I mapped before, all I did was click the icon and when I would go to place it, it would be FULL size. But now it's just tiny when I do that, 1.5 years later. Did the updates from BYOND change this? I'm very confused and somewhat frustrated and would appreciate any help.
Thank you.
Inside a code file. .dm You can add/look-up world.map_format this should help you resolve this issue.

Also searching "Big icons" in the F1 ref in the DM editor.
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Well it suggests using TOPDOWN instead of TILED which is what i had it set to... But when I do that it literally distorts all the previously placed stuff on the map so I don't think I want to do that. Is there a way to do it while keeping it TILED_ICON_MAP?
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Should I just downgrade to an old version of BYOND? It let me do everything in TILED_ICON_MAP just fine as I mentioned in my first post here.
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Trust me just replace everything map wise and you will be good. You are shifting the code of your map format. So the old "compiled" map glitches. Go in and fix that and you will be good from here on out.

Trust me you want to use all of the newer BYOND features. However, that is not to say that certain older projects need to be compiled in older versions to be played in their fullest glory.
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Okay... This is gonna suck haha but at least it's only the large icons i have to redo