Martial World

by PrinceCrash
A cultivation game where players seek to obtain the power to rival the Gods.
Version 0.01a
Added cultivation: cultivation technique, absorbed qi, qi purity, dantian capacity, meridian health, qi deviation and ambient qi all factor into your cultivation. Ambient Qi is the Qi in cultivation nodes around you, cultivating in an environment that clashes with your cultivation technique's element will be less beneficial than cultivating in a supportive environment.

Added breakthroughs: filling your dantian allows you to try and force your cultivation level to breakthrough to the next stage. There are various factors to a successful breakthrough. Qi purity, meridian health, ambient qi matching the element of your cultivation technique, the highest obtained cultivation level so far, whether you've been in combat or killed anyone recently, and many more factors.

Realms (The last 6 realms are currently implemented only as stat boosts, the other realms unlock additional features which will be expanded upon in a future post / explained within the game's lore):

Spirit God
True God

Ethereal God
Incipient God
Territory Ancestor
Absolute Beginning

Added fighting styles: fighting styles and your mastery affects your combat prowess and the techniques you can learn. It's also important to utilise a fighting style that compliments your cultivation. Fighting styles primarily dictate your hit chance, critical chance, critical resist, critical damage and dodge chance.

Added manuals: manuals can be found in the world, as drops, treasure or as rewards. They offer the user the ability to practice the documented technique to learn new cultivation methods, fighting styles or techniques.

Added basic enemy AI: enemy hostility currently comes in 3 forms: Passive, Neutral and Hostile. Passive enemies don't attack even when attacked. Neutral enemies only attack if they are attacked first. Hostile enemies attack anything within range. When an enemy dies if they aren't a world boss they will respawn after their respawn timer refreshes.

Version 0.01b
Added Titles: by completing achievements or accomplishing feats you can unlock titles which provide boosts to your statistics or skill points to spend as you see fit. Titles are currently obtained via the following: Killing X of a specific NPC, being the first to kill a boss, soloing a boss, cultivating and being the first to obtain a realm. Titles will be expanded upon in the future with the intent for rare cultivation methods / fighting styles potentially being obtainable through the title system.

Added skill leveling and evolution. All skills both passive and active can now be levelled up to increase their effeciency and power. Skills have their own mastery rate and level cap. Obtaining a certain amount of mastery allows you to unlock new techniques as your character progresses. If you have multiple fighting styles or a fighting style compatible with your cultivation technique(s) you may also be able to unlock new styles or cultivation techniques by mastering their predecessors.

Expanded on the terrain for the world map. This is going to be a constant work in progress so most likely won't be included in future update logs unless they're significant.

AI can now use skills if they have learned them, NPCs have their own movesets based on their background that they can utilise in combat.

Perks: Perks provide some uniqueness to characters, there is a chance when creating a new character to gain an advantage over other characters. There will be other methods for obtaining perks in the future or a counterbalance for those who weren't lucky enough.

Bug Fixes:
Combat formula tweaked to be better balanced once players/NPCs use better styles.
Breakthroughs can now be interrupted properly, % to damage meridians lowered
Looking good!