Which should I buy? :\
I can't really decide, and, no, do not suggest 1/4/5. I'm getting 5 for the DS, I can't really play 1 after playing 2, and #4 was ghetto.
How about Warcraft 3?
Im with Battle Network 3 all the way. Battle network 2 is to plain and boring, not to mention kind of hard and more then half of the story is pointless, trust me you'll have a lot more fun if you get 3. =)

~Ninja Guy~
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Well, I haven't played both in awhile, but if I remember correctly 2 was awesome.
Two was defitnitley the better one. I liked 3 but two was just too good.
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How about Cutlery?
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I already have WC3, and enough cutlery too, Thorg.