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Same, the only after the 2D I liked is FFIX. Why? It was just like the original in a way, just a decent story. =)
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They should put a 8-bit unlockable mode.
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Nesso wrote:
They should put a 8-bit unlockable mode.

I think there's already the option of making it unlockable, I'm not sure.

There's been many rumors.

Some say the bottom screen is 8-Bit!
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No there was actully a chrono trigger game licesened by SquareEnix that was cancled. But there was also a fan project that got a cease and disist letter from SquareEnix too.

Its a shame really, if they dont plan on doing anything more for Chrono Trigger, why not let the fans do what they want? Greedy pricks..
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They probably just viewed it along the same lines as piracy. I thought that people who wanted to use licenced characters or whatnot had to get permission, and I doubt that would've happened just for them to turn around and "revoke" it with the cease and desist.

It sucks, but SE still "owns" Chrono Trigger so they do what they want with it.
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Hell Ramen wrote:

Seeing as FF6 had the best graphics in the <s>2D realm</s> SNES era, I don't think it should be remade.

Actually, in my view, SMRPG had the best graphics in the SNES era. :/
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Well, I sorta' meant 2D SNES graphics.

Mario is isometric-y. >_>
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I completely agree! Back when I was.... maybe 6 or 7, and the Piggy Wiggily near us was still there, we rented it. It quickly became my favorite Snes game, and we went back and bought it the next day ^.^

SMRPG was another one of Nintendo's masterpeices. They should remake it for the Nintendo Revolution, I know I would buy it.
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Yeah, I read in a Square Enix FAQ, there was a question like "Does Square Enix support fan games?" Needless to say, Square gave a solid "No" in response to that.

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