Greetings, readers! I've moved to a new state, and it was stressful. It took a few days for the dust to settle but I'm finally in a comfortable spot to start writing again. The holidays came and went, and a horrendous snowstorm just blew through my old town (while I was moving no less!), but I'm honestly finding myself to be in quite high spirits.

I've still been keeping up to date with all you wonderful developers and what you've been up to lately. I can't wait to share with all of you what's been going on! Enough chatter, let's begin!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been toying with the idea of built-in noise procs, which have been requested from various contributors for awhile now. With them might also come filters that could render noise as well, but for now, Lummox JR has implemented a noise_hash() proc which he's explained in stark detail. In addition, Kumorii and Lummox JR fought against some nasty movement-related regressions, which got some attention on Patreon. Just before Christmas time, Lummox JR filled us in on a new feature, a world.Tick() proc, which can be controlled to perform last-minute adjustments before map info is sent to clients. You can do neat stuff with this like hijack it for a movement loop though, which could be interesting! Also new to 515 will be custom procs to /list and some savefile format updates. Savefile compatibility concerns with these changes are definitely a big ticket item, though, so no need to worry! In summary, big stuff is coming with 515, so prepare yourselves!

BYOND Games Magicbeast20's been keeping up the spooky with updates to Quarantine! A bunch of bugfixes were implemented in the latest release, as well as updates to the bat and dog icons. Dogs are now faster, which should up the danger a bit! Firing mechanics have seen upgrades, as well as zombie thrown-projectiles. In summary, the game should look and feel a lot smoother to play, so grab a couple friends and dive in! Older BYOND veterans may be familiar with Regressia, an 8-bit style singleplayer RPG that aims to grip you with nostalgia! IainPeregrine came back and gave the game a bit of a facelift, ensuring it works with modern-day BYOND versions. In addition, Iain made some improvements to various bits of the game to ensure it remains, in his words, "The best single-player game on BYOND!" I stepped into the world for a bit and I must say, it does hold up! If you're looking for a single-player adventure that will pull at your NES heartstrings, give Regressia a try!

Our final feature has no art, but is useful all the same. Alexkar598 has created BAB, or BYOND Authentication Bridge. This bridge allows you to integrate BYOND's login with your own website or service, with BAB acting only as the middleman in the transaction. This has gotten the go-ahead from Lummox JR, and the security details are well-documented. If you're interested in hooking up BYOND auth with your site/project/service, fill out the form in the linked forum post and Alexkar will get in contact with you!

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