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Your welcome.
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Audeuro wrote:
You can also download SysInternal's Process Explorer to do the job. The guy who wrote this didn't really care to disguise the fact that he was either:

A.) New to this, or
B.) Didn't care about it being detected.

It suggests maybe it was one of those prank programs not intended to be an actual virus. Not pleasant, either, but probably not long-term destructive.

Lummox JR
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Um, spreading viruses on the forums? I trust this guy was banned to the land of Never Come Back!
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On friday that 32nd, all teh files on your computer get erased :/
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Strawgate wrote:
On friday that 32nd

Should be pretty safe then. ;-)
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I wanted to point that out too, but if it was supposed to be a joke I didn't want to be made out as the person to not get it and spoil the thing.

Thank you for being the guinea pig. :)
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My virus deletes all your computer files on the 32nd...

There is no 32nd so in reality, my virus does nothing :P
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Can I have it? huh huh?
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If the virus goes by the calender schedule retrieved from an online source/computer date, then what if the calender schedule was updated to have a 32nd day at one point in time?
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Then everyones screwed.
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