I've noticed that several types of games on byond tend to get a very negative reaction from some people, even without any particular reason why. They get termed as "gay" or "[masked profanity]" or something along those lines, generally without the accusers even playing them first.

Now I don't mean games which cause real problems, like nazi advertising or anything, just simple games which are attacked for being of a certain genre of whatever. I was actually surprised that people could be so intolerant of anything, just because it's "in" to diss them or their friends all think that it's "crap".

I was wondering how many people out there have made games and have come across those who attack their game just because of some kind of prejudice the antagonists have in their heads about your game...

So if there's any of those people out there, I'd love to hear about it XD
Naw.. Not really, but I make sh*tty games as it is >.>
I don't dis games, but I do have a bias about DBZ games.. I can't stand them. ALL 500 OF THEM

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Putting a * in a curse word does not instantly make it OK. We all know exactly what you ment which means you have done nothing at all to filter your own message. I sugest finding better words to do the job. In your case, bad would have worked just as well, if not better.
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my current list of games I just dont even look at anymore

Duel monsters

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Zmadpeter wrote:
my current list of games I just dont even look at anymore

OH YEAH!>!!?!?
Well *you* are in my current list of games I just don't even look at anymore.

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How could anyone hate the Pokemon games? Unless you hate decent RPGs that is.

You make Thorggo sad now ah ah.
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I'll admit I liked the first 7 billion pokemon games, but the next 80 trillion games where just too much (Not on BYOND, but the real pokemon games).
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A rather interesting method of counting you have there.

Upon further investigation it appears you have a point.
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