Holy crap what a weird week it's been. Pray for Ukraine, everyone, and also for all our Russian users who are unwillingly embroiled in this mess.

Over here in development land, I put out some releases for 514. The 514.1579 release on Tuesday however didn't go as I had hoped, because the changes to typesof() snuck in a nasty bug that needed a quick fix, and then I found out they also brought on another nasty—but somewhat intermittent—bug that was doomed to slip through normal testing anyway. But those issues are fixed, thank goodness, and it's back to work on 515.

A little bit more was done with savefiles but I feel they're in a good enough state now after some testing, so I've turned most of my 515 focus to testing and buttoning up. That said, I am currently working on a sound.offset feature to start sounds at a different spot, since that's been on the list for a long time and it's actually low-hanging fruit now. Those are the sorts of last-minute features I'm mainly interested in at this point in the cycle.

But, my cold has resolved, and the second round of bronchitis went with it or so it seems so far, so I'm doing a lot better and mostly back in the game, chiropractic visits notwithstanding. So I'm just closing out what I can in that 515 list and moving my way forward through that.

Thanks to all of you whose contributions as BYOND Members or donors have made all this work possible. I know it's been a long wait for the next beta but I've got my sights on the goal.

In the meantime, in all seriousness and in the words of the old Christmas song—not coincidentally penned in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis—pray for peace, people everywhere.
Pray for Compile 2 EXE
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Pray for Compile 2 EXE