When the hell did Final Fantasy 7 become so rare? People are paying like $175.00 for it on eBay.

Last time I checked, that isn't a rare game.
Since everyone can't find their copy and wants to play it now.
FF7 has the be the most overrated game ever, I thought FFX and FF8 were leagues better than ff7...
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FF8 was the best... hmm maybe ill sell my ff7 on ebay haha
Revenant Jesus wrote:
When the hell did Final Fantasy 7 become so rare? People are paying like $175.00 for it on eBay.

Last time I checked, that isn't a rare game.

Yeah it is.. since they stop making it for PS.. I don't know about PC and whatever.. but since everyone has been looking for it lately, It has went up in demand and prices... I have my original copy.. So, I'm set.. lol..

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May I ask you to not consider any FF the best? There are plenty of people who think FF8 was the worst, and some of those are FF7 fanatics. Though both were good....

.....(I liked FF4 the best).....

I'll never know why the bloody hell people have an orgasm (or start a war over someone not saying its the best) just from the mere MENTION of FF7. I mean, Square-Enix realized this, and so they continued making FF7 merchandise after FFX came out.

Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and the Kingdom Hearts game line. Free money for them. Square-Enix could make a Masamune (sephiroth's sword) or Buster Blade (cloud's sword) in a cheap plastic form and nerds would HOARD the stores to get one. But then, there's Crystal Chronicles, which was bought by FF7 nerds thinking "OH CRAP! FINAL FANTASY! I MUST HAVE IT!!!"

I dunno, maybe it's just the long chain of events combined with (women think this, not me) hot guys fighting eachother, on top of it being the first 3D FF game.
Alright first of all Final Fantasy 7 is not rare and it doesn't mean anything that it has stopped production. It is one of the most massively produced rpgs for the PS1.

Something has happened, something else has happened in the Market which has suddenly caused a huge demand for the game.

Last year I bought Final Fantasy 7,8,9, Tactics and Chronicles and Anthology for under $100 all at once.

I ended up selling them when my PS2 broke. Now that I have a PS3 I wanted to re-collect my PS1 RPG collection.

I am sure if I wait a few months I'll be able to get it for a reasonable price again. It is kind of like when Silent Hill the movie came out and suddenly a $10 used PS1 game became the rarest, most expensive PS1 game on eBay.

Next, while I did enjoy Final Fantasy 8, I didn't love it. I hated the fact that, unless you got them the first time around, you never got all of the summons.

I also hated the fact that you only got paid on a month to month basis, based on how well you did.

I also hated how I had to collect stuff just to get new weapon upgrades.

The fact is, I consider Final Fantasy 8 the worst out of all Final Fantasy games.

I enjoyed Final Fantasy 7, a lot more then Final Fantasy 8, but I am not in love with it, it had it's problems, but it was still a solid and deep RPG.

I enjoy all the Final Fantasy games to a level, but I enjoy the old school ones the most.

But my all time favorite RPG is Earth Bound and Chrono Trigger.

Anyways if anyone feels nice enough to sell me a print, I am willing to toss $20 their way. This isn't about me making money, this is about a gamer wanting to play a classic RPG again.

Me I guess its kinda rare..Soem years back, I used to see Walmart selling them as uh Players Choice or w/e you call it..When I finally went back to get one, they didn't have any..Also, my friend tried to find a copy at lcoal Gamestops; they didn't have one, and when he finally got one, it was crappy (scratched up). SO in a way(in my area at least), it is KIND rare. Meh, I wouldn't say FF7 is the best(I'vep layed others), but it was definitely my favrotie because it was my first FF. Sadly I have still yet to beat it(can't find a copy) but it does brings back memories of my younger self playin hundreds of hours of it.
I think Square tried to cut production on FFVII before Advent Children came out, to increase the value or something. Before AC came out, I would recall seeing FFVII as a "Greatest Hits" title in my local Meijer and Wal Mart for like $15 or so. I still have my original copy, so I'm good with that, though it doesn't work entirely any more. I have it on the PC as well, though, so I can play that as an alternative, since my PSX version plays a bit of limbo on freeze points. If I need to replace FFVII any time soon, I'll just wait until it goes back to its regular price, or resort to some alternative method.

More interesting, perhaps, is that I recently wanted to buy Ehrgeiz (I rented it years ago and liked it, but it had already been out of stores by that time), and found that value for that game was pretty high as well. =/

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What do you mean cut production? FF7 hasn't been in production for years, but that is ignoring the fact that FF7 was one of the most common games for PS1.